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Watch: Realme 3 after 6 months - Still as competitive as ever!

Back in March, we labeled the realme 3 as one of the very best for the price. It is a phone with close to mid-range specs, but the entry-level price tag.
Watch: Realme 3 after 6 months - Still as competitive as ever!
A premium-looking budget phone

Now, more than 6 months later, is it still as competitive as ever? Let's revisit the realme 3.

Realme 3 after 6 months

Build/Design - Our opinion about realme 3's build and design didn't change as it is still one of the nicest looking phones for the price with the respectable build.
Budget phone with a tiny notch
Budget phone with a tiny notch

I like that the notch is small and its overall bezels are considered as slim for a sub PHP 10K phone. They could have made the chin bezel slimmer, but I'm not complaining.

It is made out of plastic, but a durable type of plastic. It is made out of plastic, but a durable type of plastic.

Our unit had its fair share of hairline scratches in its glossy back, but that's acceptable.

The good thing? Its Gorilla Glass 3 protected front is still free from scratches.

If you nitpick you will call its lack of a USB-C port as a downside. But to be fair, there are very few phones with such type of port at this price point.

Multimedia experience - Still the same. The 6.2-inch HD+ screen of realme 3 is nice for viewing a lot of content. Though I still wish that its resolution is at full HD. But for a phone priced this low for the overall specs, who am I to complain?

At least it can still produce close to accurate colors with respectable viewing angles. My only wish is its I wanted its screen brightness to be a bit brighter for under the direct sunlight use.

Audio experience and recording experience are still the same. Decent. Its speaker has above-average loudness.

Battery - Thanks to its large 4,230mAh battery. 1 full charge is equal to a day or a day and a half of use even under heavy usage. Yes, even if I consume a lot of multimedia content, browse the net always, play some games, and take a lot of pictures. It can last.

The charging time is 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Camera - Realme 3 still has some of the most competitive cameras that you will ever find at this price point.

Its 13MP f/1.8 + 2MP f/2.4 dual-cam camera setup can still deliver stellar daylight images with crisp details and punchy colors. It could just be a bit too punchy at times if you will use the Chroma Boost. It is still a hit or miss though. Personally, I like its output better without that. 

But, the Nightscape mode of this device is super fun to use! It can make your low light images shine. AND, it is more than just decent. It can take unreal looking images with crisp details, less noise, and a wide dynamic range for a budget phone.

It is not perfect as it might be a bit oversharpened for some, but how dare you complain about a budget phone that can take mid-range worthy night shots.

The selfie cam is also one of the nicest around. Its bokeh mode even has clean edge detection and its AI face beauty mode is not too much. Night selfies are alright. Thank God, it has a screen flash mode.

For videos, it can take highly detailed videos for a budget phone using the main cam and selfie cam. My problem, the stabilization. It doesn't have EIS for videos with less shake.

Still, understandable for the price.

Performance - How can I forget about the Helio P60 processor of this phone? It is a chip on the same tier of Snapdragon 660 and Kirin 710. It is considered as super fast for a phone priced under PHP 10K.

It can run most of the apps I know with ease and even play some heavy games on medium or a bit of high settings.

If I'm a user who does not have the money to spare for an upper mid-range or flagship phone, I can live with the realme 3 without much compromise.

I also like the fact that its 3GB RAM/64GB version is now more affordable at PHP 6,990 from PHP 7,999.

Yes, you read that part right, it is a phone with P60 on a budget. Even the speedier 4GB RAM/64GB version is now more affordable at PHP 8,990 from PHP 9,990.

The software, ColorOS 6.0 that is based on Android Pie is better. It is not the best, but it is one of the better Android skins for a phone.

It has gotten a few security and optimizations update and I like that. 

Weaknesses Realme 3 has few weaknesses, like the lack of EIS stabilization for videos, its use of the prehistoric micro USB port, and maybe the sunlight legibility.

Watch here:

Our thoughts

With its new slightly more affordable price tag, realme 3 remains as competitive as ever and I can forgive the few above-mentioned weaknesses.

6 months after it was first introduced in the Philippines, there are very few who can compete with its overall specs at this price point and that's amazing!

Sale Alert: Realme 3 PH receives a price cut!

What do you guys think?
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