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AnTuTu: Score of Android's fastest is not even close with the slowest iPhone 11

The latest published scores of AnTuTu version 7 for the month of September showed that the new iPhones are superior to Android in terms of speed.
AnTuTu: Score Android's best is not even close with iPhone 11
Faster than any Android phone

No Android phone can compete with the speed of iPhone 11 yet

One of the most popular benchmark apps, AnTuTu displayed the Apple devices’ scores that are comparably higher than those of Android. The iPad Pro 3 (12.9-inch), in particular, gained the top spot with a score of 553,493 and its 11-inch variant closely followed with 553,405.

The iPhone 11 Pro Max came in the third spot with a score of 456,198. These scores are the highest found on any other handset.

AnTuTu scores for iOS devices
AnTuTu scores for iOS devices

Its closest competitor from Android is the ROG Phone 2 that runs with Snapdragon 855 Plus coupled with 12GB RAM and it received a score of 396,200. 

Compared to the slowest iPhone, the iPhone 11, it is still way faster with a score of 448,532 or over 52K ahead.
AnTuTu scores for Android devices
AnTuTu scores for Android devices

What causes the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max to be superior in terms of speed compared to all of these Android smartphones? It has an A13 Bionic chip with a third-generation neural engine.

According to Apple, the function of this neural engine is to speed up certain kinds of artificial-intelligence software, called artificial neural networks, that are respectable at image and speech processing. 

The A13 Bionic chip is claimed to be built for machine learning, and Apple stated that it has new Machine Learning Accelerators. These accelerators permit the CPU to deliver more than 1 trillion operations per second.

The new Mate 30 phones with Kirin 990 5G with 10.3 billion transistors are not yet on the list. 

On October 25, the new iPhones will go official in PH.

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Source: AnTuTu
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