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Canalys: Huawei posted 66 percent growth in China

Based on the latest market research by Canalys, Huawei has extended its market lead in China by shipping 4.5 million smartphones.
Canalys: Huawei posted 66 percent growth in China
Huawei sold a lot of phones in its hometown China

A dominant player in China, the biggest mobile market in the world

It is equivalent to a record market share of 42 percent and an annual growth of 66 percent. It is the company's 6th consecutive quarter with double-digit growth despite the slightly shrinking market in China.
Annual growth of 66 percent for Huawei
Annual growth of 66 percent for Huawei

In fact, Huawei is the only one who posted growth among the top 5 mobile phone vendors in China.

Vivo, OPPO, Xiaomi, Apple, and others all posted declines in China.

Combined, Vivo, OPPO, Xiaomi, Apple is just 50 percent of the Chinese market, down from 54 percent in Q2 2019 and 64 percent in Q3 2018.

The number 2 brand in China now is Vivo after surpassing OPPO. OPPO sits at number 3 while Xiaomi is at number 4.

Apple is the only non-Chinese brand in the top 5 at number 5. It is due to the boost of sales from the new iPhone 11 line.

Canalys VP of mobility Nicole Peng said that Huawei's dominant growth is due to its power to negotiate with the supply chain and the increase of its wallet share within retail partners.

Peng added that Huawei is in a strong position to consolidate its dominance further amid the 5G network rollout given its tight operator relationships in the 5G network deployment and control over key components such as local network-compatible 5G chipsets versus local peers.

Source: Canalys
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