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Spotify Kids, a standalone version for younger audiences now in Beta!

Spotify now has a standalone version for the younger peeps. It is called Spotify Kids and it is set to be part of the premium family subscription.
Spotify Kid, a standalone version for younger audiences now official!
It has features and design aimed for kids

Spotify Kids now on beta!

Spotify Kids is designed to bring ad-free audio content like music and stories to the younger generation. It is already in its beta phase in Ireland. Spotify aims to create a hub of creativity through audio for kids. The content available in this version of the app is hand-picked by a team of editors to curate the best experience for its young listener. The editors come from children-focused companies such as Nickelodeon, Disney, Discovery Kids, and Universal Pictures. 

Spotify Kids is now official
Spotify Kids is now official

The UI of the app is designed from scratch. It has a colorful and playful look to it. Parents are required to sign-in to the app with their existing premium family account on the first boot. Children can choose their cute avatar and start exploring the audio library.

This project has been in development for two years since Spotify wants to make sure to focus on age-appropriate content and design. Spotify Kids is currently only available in Ireland as it is still in its beta phase. There is no word on when it is going to be rolled out globally.

Source: Spotify
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