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PayMaya's new campaign jingle reaches 25 million views

PayMaya's new campaign jingle proved to be a success as it garnered 25 million views online. How? It utilized nostalgia with the tune of Eraserhead's "Ligaya". 
"Don't Pay Cash, Paymaya!" reached 25 million views online

Go cashless with PayMaya

Explore the "joys" of going cashless with PayMaya
Explore the "joys" of going cashless with PayMaya

The campaign is called "Don't Pay Cash, PayMaya!" wherein the premise is it is more convenient to do cashless transactions especially with PayMaya. The music video reached that amount of views through both YouTube and Facebook.

It is a big number since the campaign was only launched over a week ago. On YouTube alone, it has 20 million views.

Filipinos love Eraserheads and almost everyone jammed to "Ligaya" at least once in their life.

That is why PayMaya used the song to narrate the joys or "Ligaya" of going cashless. From cashback rewards when you scan-to-pay QR codes, sending money without delay, or even buying prepaid load for less, PayMaya offers an extensive list of advantages.

You can get as much as PHP 200 on your PayMaya account when you sign up, upgrade your account, and use your friend's invite code when you join. You can download the PayMaya app and start going cashless via Google Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS.

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