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Pope releases eRosary smart wearable that can track your prayers and fitness!

Together with GadgTek Inc and the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network, the eRosary smart wearable has just been launched.
Pope releases eRosary smart wearable that can track your prayers and fitness!

A smart prayer device!

It is the Vatican's way to make Catholicism appeal more to the tech-savvy youth and Catholics as it can be your own prayer guide and fitness tracker in one.
A smart Holy Rosary!
A smart Holy Rosary!

The smart prayer/fitness device is made up of 10 black agate, hematite beads, and plus a water-resistant metal cross that detects movement.

It can be worn as a bracelet and can be activated by making the sign of a cross. The eRosary is connected to the Android and iOS ready "Click to Pray eRosary" app, designed to Catholic users pray for world peace and contemplate the gospel.

It even has the standard rosary, a contemplative rosary, and a thematic rosary praying type and contains visual and audio explanations of the rosary.

You can even sync prayers to the app. 
For fitness, the app can track the user's progress.
Bible-like box
Bible-like box

It has up to 4 days of battery life with 2.5 hours so charging time.

It comes in a bible-looking package with a bookmark ribbon and a wireless charging station that doubles as a display stand.

The full specs include IP67 water and dust resistance, six-axis inertial sensing, Bluetooth 5.0, 15mAh lithium-ion battery, and wireless charging support.

The price? The rosary retails for EUR 99 or around PHP 5.6K out straight conversion.

What do you think of this move by the Pope?
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