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Fujifilm instax mini Link Review - The fun portable smartphone printer you need

Fujifilm finally revealed the instax mini Link, the company’s latest Mini smartphone printer. 
Fujifilm instax mini Link Review - The fun portable smartphone printer you need
Handy printer for every smartphone

On paper, this portable printer is being highlighted for its one-of-a-kind and fun features. It might be a timely release since the holiday occasions are nearing where there will be plenty of gatherings around the corner. 

Basically, we will test these functions and find out how practical it can be. Will this smartphone printer suit your needs and lifestyle? Let's find out if the instax mini Link will deliver!


The whole package comes in a compact, hard cardboard box in plain white. The Fujifilm Mini Link is enclosed safely in a bubble wrap while the only accessory you can find with it is inside you can find with it is a USB cable for charging. No manual was included on how to operate this, but then the retail version might have one. 
Inside the box
Inside the box

Build Quality/Design 

This smartphone printer has a streamlined and stylish design, with a slim and rectangular body. Edges are smooth and rounded and the body is made of premium-feeling plastic with a matte finish. It has a ribbed surface which is quite strategic since this will create more friction, perhaps to avoid the possibility of the device slipping from your hands. Also with this kind of texture, it may be less prone to scratches and smudges as compared to the smooth-surfaced ones.

The Mini Link printer is said to be available in three colors Dusky Pink, Ash White, and Dark Denim.  Although the color option is limited, it is still good that they offered a choice for consumers and these colors are minimalist but pleasant to look at. There may be concerns that the two light colors might get easily dirty but I think they are also easy to clean. What I have right now is in chic Dusty Pink color.

Not only utilitarian, but pretty instagrammable

The logo lights up
The logo lights up

On its front, there is an embossed logo of "Instax" that also serves as an indicator and power button in one. The colorful LED shows what mode the device is in. For example, it lights up in a green color whenever the Mini Link is on like the picture above. At the top portion, there is a large slit that measures the exact fit of the film being produced after the printing process. 
Top view of the printer
Top view of the printer

The charging portal is located on the right side of the device. Looking at the back portion, there is a sliding button on the back to open a compartment to insert the Instax films that comes in 10 pieces. The brand name is also engraved on this area.
Back portion of the device
The back portion of the device

Features/Print Quality

To be able to use this smartphone printer, the Mini Link app should be downloaded first since this will connect your smartphone to the device via Bluetooth. This app is free to download via Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS). Upon opening the app, there’s a page explaining the mode change right away. Mini Link can be used in two modes: Print Mode and Fun Mode. As explained, the app’s mode can be changed depending on the printer’s orientation. 

When the Mini Link is in an upright or vertical position, the app will be set in Print Mode automatically. However, when I changed it in the horizontal or lying position, the Fun Mode was activated.

For Print Mode, it has three functions: Simple Print, Video Print, and Instax Camera. I liked that each of these functions has a short and precise description of what it does. 
Three functions of the Print Mode

The Simple Print is quite intuitive since it only has two purposes, corrections, and filter. There are three filters while saturation, contrast, and brightness can be manipulated or corrected. According to the app’s instruction, you can print by swiping upward on the frame, given that the film is already loaded.

Just slide up the photo when done editing
Just slide up the photo when done editing

After choosing a photo from my phone's gallery, printing that from Mini Link became convenient and fast since it only took less than 10 seconds.
Quick printing of a single image
Quick printing of a single image

Then the image details took a little while appearing on the film like on an Instax camera. The image quality depends on the capability of the smartphone you are pairing with the Mini Link.

Film appeal!

The image quality is very film-like where it isn't the sharpest or most detailed print out there. But, it has the analog and retro charm to its prints that should still appeal to most.
Finished printing within seconds
Finished printing within seconds

Meanwhile, the Video Print enables this smartphone printer to select the best shot from a video shot. I personally find this useful especially for capturing the perfect shot of toddlers or pets.

A preview of the Video Print

Fun Mode has functions that seem suitable in social events: Party Print, Match Test, Frame Print, and Collage Print. 
Four features for the Fun Mode
Four features for the Fun Mode

First off is the Frame Print, which basically allows the user to insert colorful and cute frames and object to the raw photo. The next one is the Collage Print which is a pretty cool function I think. This one lets you and your friend connect to the Mini Link app so the both of you can select a photo from your own gallery. After that, the chosen photos can be printed as a tiny collage. 
Make a mini-collage with your Friends using Fun Mode
Make a mini-collage with your Friends using Fun Mode

If you find this clever, the Match Test will possibly suit your preference. It features a short compatibility quiz that comprises five multiple questions. The first user will answer them then the app will notify when will the second user can answer the same set. After the two users finished answering, the compatibility score will be printed with a chosen image. It might be a single photo or a collage.

Picture taking with a twist!

Three, four, and five is not a crowd with the Party Print feature of Fujifilm Mini-Link. You can print a single photo that is a collage of images sent by your friends. You and your friends can either select a layout or choose the Surprise mode if you are feeling adventurous.


Fujifilm Mini-Link is a smartphone printer that is practical and useful in many ways. Users have a lot of options to enjoy it and the instructions from the Mini Link app are helpful and clear.

It is also convenient to connect my smartphone to this device via Bluetooth so I find it easy to set-up and use. The device is handy and I had no trouble printing whether it is in the vertical or horizontal position since I can hold it in one hand.

Printing photos is just a breeze

The only minor issue I had observed about this smartphone printer is the absence of a guide about its LED indicator. Aside from that, an indicator for the battery would be appreciated in this one.

Since this device is quite portable, users can bring them in their travels and they possibly prefer to bring this full charger.

On paper, it says that it can produce 100 prints on a full battery.

To test its battery consumption, I tried printing ten pieces of photos in one go. The indicator on the app displayed that the Mini Link has 80 percent. After printing the photos, it became 65 percent so almost 15 percent was only used.

The Mini-Link should last a long period of usage since it won't be needed that much during your picture taking with friends or family.

Pros - Lightweight and compact build, pleasant overall design, easy to operate, many useful functions
Cons - No battery indicator, film is a bit expensive


Overall, the Fujifilm Mini-Link is a simple but versatile smartphone camera printer that does its job efficiently.

This Fujifilm Mini-Link can definitely a great addition to your parties, travels, and dates with friends, family and significant other. It is highly suited for those who frequently travel and discover new things since they can print photos with this as mementos.

Aside from that, this is a new way to preserve your precious memories with other people since the photos for the collage can come to their smartphones with just a few taps on the Mini-Link App. Since the app is easy to understand and operate, it can be recommended for beginners who cannot be bothered with a complicated how-to.

This is priced at PHP 6,999 and available in three colors namely Dusky Pink, Ash White, and Dark Denim.

Build/Design - 4.5
Features/Print Quality - 4.25
Performance - 4.25
Average - 4.33/5
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