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Xiaomi's Mi Robot Vacuum Pro now in the Philippines

Xiaomi has recently made its Mi Robot Vacuum Pro available in the Philippine market. 
Mi Robot Vacuum Pro

Xiaomi's smart vacuum now in PH

In a Facebook post, Xiaomi said the smart vacuum has an LDS rangefinder for a 360-degree laser scanning feature, which generates a map of your home layout in real-time, allowing it to have an ideal cleaning route. 

Aside from the LDS laser rangefinder, the product has a number of sensors, including a dustbin sensor, water tank sensor, anti-collision sensor, Fan RPM sensor, anti-falling sensor, cliff sensor, and electronic compass sensor. 

Maintain the cleanliness of your home even when you're at work with the #MiRobotVacuumPro that's equipped with suction and mop!

It would also automatically return to charging dock once its battery is running low, and could also resume sweeping at a breakpoint. 
An intelligent vacuum cleaner

The smart vacuum has also upgraded the big-diameter wheel for crossing hurdles, like low door still, thick carpet and even cable on the floor. 

How about hair on the floor? Worry no more as the Mi Robot Vacuum Pro's brush is equipped with a blade for cutting hairs. 

The Mi Robot Vacuum Pro has also wet and half-wet dual mops, suitable for cleaning large areas and leaving the floor dry instantly. 

Price and availability

The Mi Robot Vacuum Pro can be purchased at Mi Authorized Stores nationwide for PHP 16,990.

Source: Xiaomi
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