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Meet MOMAX chargers for your electronic devices

MOMAX a well-known brand for its pioneering consumer electronics products has new charging accessories that you could need. Let's check it out!
Meet MOMAX chargers for your electronic devices
MOMAX charging accessories

MOMAX OnePlug 66W 4-Port Charger

The package comes with a One Plug 4-port Dual-DP charger in a matte-black finish, an instruction manual, and a one-year warranty card. This one is a bit heavy but still compact enough to fit your bag’s pocket. This is available in two colors only, black and white. 
MOMAX One Plug 66W charger has a sturdy-looking build
MOMAX One Plug 66W charger has a sturdy-looking build

This charger can be your friend if travel frequently and has a lot of devices such as phone, laptop, camera, power bank.

Ergonomic and high-quality design

The challenge is to charge these electronics at the same time, especially when outlets are limited. MOMAX One Plug has a total of four ports consisting of two USB Type-C PD and two USB-A Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 so it can answer this need. Its input is 100-240V - 60/50Hz 1.5A and its total output are 66W.

The Type-C PD has two types of output, output 1 has a maximum of 48W while the output 2 has a maximum of 18W. As for the USB-A Ports, they both have an output of 18W. They can support QC 3.0, Huawei FCP and Apple 2.4A fast charge without being affected by the USB-C ports.
Four ports of MOMAX One Plug 66W charger
Four ports of MOMAX One Plug 66W charger

MOMAX claims that this charger is safe to use as it has overvoltage protection so no need to worry even multiple devices are plugged in it. You can charge a 12 inches Macbook, Nintendo Switch, and other USB Type-C laptops at full speed so this is a pretty efficient charger.

Overall, this is a good travel companion since you can save some space as this is all you need (plus the cables) of course to power your devices throughout the trip. It feels sturdy in terms of physical appearance, and durable inside since it designed with overvoltage protection. As expensive it may seem, this an investment as it will last you for a long time.
MOMAX One Plug Type-C PD Fast Charger.

MOMAX OnePlug USB Type-C PD Charger

This one also comes in a white box printed with product details on all sides. The package contains the OnePlug USB Type-C Charger, instruction manual with its warranty. The USB cord is not included so it should be purchased separately.

The One Plus Charger itself looks plain and simple in plain white color in a rounded box shape. The brand name is printed on the font while there's a small label above the USB-C port on the right side.
MOMAX One Plug Type-C PD Charger
MOMAX One Plug Type-C PD Charger

The plug on the left side is foldable and that's a practical thing since it can save space for storage. Product details like input, output, and the model number are also printed on it.

Insert the USB type-C cable here
Insert the USB type-C cable here

This device is pretty straightforward since you'll just have to plug it on a socket and attach the USB type-C cable. It has a maximum of 18W and 100 to 240V. In terms of functionality, this one does the job. You'll just 30 minutes to power up your phone or tablet up to 50 percent. This is a big help since no need to wait for a long time just to do the charging.

MOMAX Zero Lightning to Type-C Cable

Inside the box, you'll find the cable itself and a tiny product brochure. This cable enables data syncing and fast charging for compatible devices like iPhone, iPad, and iPod. 

This one is available in two colors only, white and black. Minimalist looking also, just like the other MOMAX electronic products. It just has a tiny velcro strap to easily coil the cord when not in use. 
The ends of the chord are marked with logos
The ends of the chord are marked with logos

The length is 1.2 meters, thus it is longer compared to the cable that is originally packaged with Apple devices. An 18W or above PD adapter is required to charge a device by 50 percent in just 30 minutes. This one is a suitable partner of MOMAX OnePlug USB Type-C Charger.

Quick Thoughts

All of the MOMAX electronic accessories discussed above have shown functional design and premium quality.

Even some may find them expensive, you are still getting your money's worth since they can last for a long time.

Another good thing is the inclusion of overvoltage protection for the port charger which other chargers do not have. Aside from that, the warranty and safety instructions were also included just to assure buyers.

All of these items are considered reliable for your daily charging necessities.

Price and availability

MOMAX OnePlug 66W PD Charger - PHP 3,290
MOMAX OnePlug 18W Fast Charger - PHP 1,290.
MOMAX Zero Lightning to Type-C Cable - PHP 1,290.

You can find MOMAX Products at Digital Walker and Beyond the Box, stocks may vary per branch.

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