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Samsung to shut down CPU research division

The CPU (central processing unit) research division of South Korea's Samsung Electronics Co Ltd. will cease operations starting 2020.  
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The CPU division was responsible for Samsung's Exynos mobile processor chips, which are used in its flagship Galaxy series smartphones. However, Samsung has been witnessing a hard time to sell the same processors to external clients.

To use ARM CPUs instead

Android Authority said Samsung may use ARM CPUs or semi-custom versions of these CPUs instead of its future smartphones. Samsung also partnered with AMD recently to improve the GPU of its CPUs.

Samsung explained the decision was driven by its goal to remain relevant in the global market. 

Based upon a thorough assessment of our System LSI [large scale integration – ed] business and the need to stay competitive in the global market, Samsung has decided to transition part of our US-based R&D teams in Austin and San Jose, Samsung told Android Authority. 

This move from Samsung would result in mass layoff as about 300 employees will be laid off from December 31, according to its letter to Worker Adjustment and Restraining (WARN).

But the company said the affected employees may be relocated to other divisions.

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