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PLDT Home Fibr offers FREE speed boost to its current subscribers

There's good news to all PLDT Home Fibr subscribers since they will be entitled to a FREE speed boost.
FREE speed boost for families to enjoy

PLDT Fibr is doubling the internet speed for its subscribers

PLDT started rolling out a free speed boost to select PLDT Home Fibr subscribers, since September and still last 2018, continuing this last quarter of this year. The major telecommunications provider stated that subscribers’ current plans will be having two times speed.

PLDT claimed that subscribers will enjoy two times faster internet
PLDT claimed that subscribers will enjoy two times faster internet

All they have to do is to have their PLDT-registered mobile phone ready. After that wait for a validation code from the company that will be sent to the registered number.

To begin the registration process, the PLDT subscriber should enter his/her landline number along with the corresponding area code for account verification. It should be in this specific format: Area code + 7 or 8-digit number. (e.g. 0281234567 for Metro Manila, 0461234567 for other areas)

Upon completion of the process, an email confirmation will be sent via the registered email to confirm the speed boost. To learn more, visit www.pldt.com.ph/speedboost

Speed upgrades are shown below:

Plan 6299 - 300 Mbps from 250 Mbps
Plan 4299 - 150 Mbps from 120 Mbps
Plan 2899 - 100 Mbps from 50 Mbps
Plan 1899 - 30 Mbps from 25 Mbps
Plan 1699 - 20 Mbps from 15 Mbps
Plan 1299 - 10 Mbps from 5 Mbps

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Are you excited to experience faster internet speed?

Source: PLDT
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