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PLDT provides additional Speed Boost for Home Fibr subscribers

After the first wave of free speed upgrades last November, telco giant PLDT is offering its subscribers another Speed Boost for this month, reaching 150 megabits per second (Mbps). 
PLDT provides additional Speedboost for February

Enjoy up to 150 Mbps of internet speed

In a statement sent to GIZGUIDE, PLDT said additional Speed Boost would be provided until February 29 for Home Fibr subscribers.

For customers who’d like to also avail of the extra speed, we encourage them to call PLDT to inquire and apply for PLDT Home Fibr, the company said.

For Plan 1299, users can experience internet speed as fast as 25 Mbps; 50 Mbps for Plan 1699 and Plan 1899; and 150 Mbps for Plan 2899.

Speed upgrades are shown below:

Plan 1299 - from Speedboost 10 Mbps to additional Speedboost 25 Mbps
Plan 1699 - from Speedboost 20 Mbps to additional Speedboost 50 Mbps
Plan 1899 - from Speedboost 30 Mbps to additional Speedboost 50 Mbps
Plan 2899 - from Speedboost 100 Mbps to additional Speedboost 150 Mbps

While these upgrades could only be enjoyed for the whole February, PLDT said the Speedboost, twice the speed of their current plan, given last November would remain for its subscribers.
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