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US firms to continue business talks with Huawei?

Huawei may witness some good news soon as the American government is set to allow some US-based companies to resume deals with the Chinese tech leader.
US firms to continue business talks with Huawei?
The Huawei Mate 30 Pro flagship

Licenses for Huawei

In an interview with Bloomberg, US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross was optimistic US-China trade tensions may ease a bit under the "phase one".

He said application count has now reached 260, and the licenses, which will enable US companies to continue business talks with Huawei should be expected "very shortly".

In May, Trump declared a national emergency against potential threats to information and communications technology and services, which affected Huawei. Its Department of Commerce then followed suit as it included Huawei on its blacklist.

We're in good shape, we're making good progress, and there's no natural reason why it couldn't be, Ross told Bloomberg. 

Ross, however, noted that not all 260 companies would be given the go signal. 

We just hope though that technology giant Google will be considered as one of the priorities.

The trade war, which put Huawei in a hard situation, had forced Google to cut its Android license with Huawei, affecting the latter's existing and future smartphones. 

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Source: Bloomberg
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