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Vivo X30 5G has a "Super Telephoto Periscope" camera system!

Based on new teasers, the upcoming Vivo X30 5G could be the next powerful zoom camera phone.
Vivo X30 5G has a "Super Telephoto Periscope" camera system!
Vivo X30 5G

Vivo X30 5G new teasers

A Weibo post reads "a flagship for pro shots" thanks to its #SuperTelephotoPeriscope camera tech.
It has a powerful camera setup
It has a powerful camera setup

The teaser image shows that the phone has a triple-camera hump and a fourth camera on its right side. The fourth camera is a squarish periscope sensor that can do up to 60x zoom.

There are reports that its 60x zoom is a hybrid type of zoom which means that it should be better than usual digital zooms.

Teasers also showed that it will come in 3 colors, Coral, Black, and a mineral-like gradient colorway.

Apart from the cameras, this device has been confirmed to run with the South Korean-made Exynos 980 chip with 5G support.

There are speculations that it will load with an OLED screen with a Hz refresh rate and In-Display fingerprint reader.

The rest of the missing details? We are unsure yet. But since Vivo has already started teasing the device, it should go official very soon.

Stay tuned!

Source: Weibo
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