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Xiaomi reveals other camera details of Mi Note 10

Apart from its 108MP Samsung primary camera, Xiaomi just shared other details about the four other cameras of the Mi Note 10.
Xiaomi reveals other camera details of Mi Note 10
Mi Note 10 camera details

Other camera specs of the Mi Note 10 with 108MP primary camera

Based on its Facebook post, it'll sport a 20MP ultra-wide camera, 12MP depth camera for portraits, 5MP telephoto camera for up to 50x zoom, and a 2MP super macro camera.

This suggests that Xiaomi's upcoming penta camera phone is more than just a 108MP shooter.

It is a camera phone designed to capture high-quality ultra-wide shots, probably clean-looking images with bokeh blur, a zoom that can probably match the Huawei P30 Pro, and a macro sensor for super close-up shots.

AND, that's quite promising for a phone with expected mid-range specs.

New details point that it might run with Snapdragon 730G, feature a 32MP selfie shooter, and highlight a massive display.

What do you guys think?

Source: Xiaomi
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