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Counterpoint: More phones with AMOLED screens will arrive in 2020

According to the latest market research of Counterpoint, AMOLED smartphone sales are set to surpass 600 million units by end 2020 with a YoY growth of 46 percent.
Counterpoint: More phones with AMOLED screens will arrive in 2020
File photo: Vivo NEX 3 with a waterfall POLED screen

More phones with AMOLED screens will arrive in 2020

80 percent of that AMOLED sales will come from the top 5 smartphone brands. It added that the growth will be driven by Chinese brands like Huawei, Vivo, OPPO, realme, and Xiaomi as they seek to differentiate their offerings.

Commenting on the market dynamics, Tarun Pathak, Associate Director, said, Displays drive a major part of the overall smartphone experience.

In fact, they have now adopted OLED panels in mid-range (USD 300 to 500) offerings. The research said that because of that, we can expect these brands to further bring AMOLED smartphones in under USD 200 (around PHP 10K) category in 2020.
AMOLED market share
AMOLED market share

Some of the innovations by AMOLED technology are its superior image quality, reduced power consumption, flexible form factor, and other things. AMOLED panels are the only ones where In-Display fingerprint scanners yet. Future innovations such as Under-Screen Cameras are compatible with AMOLED screens as well.

The report also said that flexible OLED smartphones will be available in the USD 300 (around PHP 15K) to USD 500 (around PHP 25K) price tier.

In 2019, Samsung remained the AMOLED leader with 45 percent of the market share. It is followed by Apple with 16 percent and OPPO with 11 percent. All leading brands have also launched their flagships in 2019 with AMOLED panels.

Samsung displays currently accounts for close to 90 percent of the OLED panel market. BOE, Tianma, and CSOT are transitioning fast to OLED. It might just take time for them to match Samsung's production.

The majority of the sub USD 200 smartphone brands will still continue to use LCD panels.

Counterpoint believed that the AMOLED growth will be upwards, but it will also depend on the production of the panel makers.

Source: Counterpoint
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