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OPPO announces its AR Glasses and 5G CPE device

Earlier at the OPPO INNO DAY, the Chinese tech giant announced its first AR Glasses and a new 5G consumer premise equipment that houses a Snapdragon X55 5G modem.
OPPO announces its AR Glasses and 5G CPE device
OPPO AR Glasses announced

OPPO AR Glasses

OPPO did not reveal the specs of the AR Glasses but here is what we know. The glasses are still in its prototype stage. During the demo, it showed the glasses has 4 cameras which include two fisheye lens, one HD camera, and a Time-of-Flight camera. The cameras function as multiple layers and for different angles. It will also have a 3D surround sound.

OPPO 5G CPE device

OPPO 5G CPE device
OPPO 5G CPE device

The new 5G consumer premise equipment powered by a Snapdragon X55 5G SA/NSA chip with sub-6GHz NR band and up to 5 Gbps download speed. It also has the O-Reserve 5G antennas with 4x4 MIMO for strong signal gains.

It is touted to be able to connect with hundreds of devices. The company said this device will serve as a centralized connection hub for all kinds of devices for effortless and seamless access to fast 5G networks.

The OPPO 5G CPE device has WiFi 6 (2.4GHz/5GHz), 2x2 MU MIMO, and up to 1.8 Gbps download speed.

It measures at 180 x 92 x 92 mm making it the smallest 5G CPE in the market.

OPPO R&D budget booms to USD 7 Billion

According to OPPO, the company has set a USD 7 billion R&D budget for the next 3 years. This budget is for the development of core technologies in hardware, software, and systems as well as 5G/6G, AI, AR, and other techs.

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Source: FoneArena
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