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Philippine telcos tap Syniverse for mobile portability law

Major telecommunications firms in the country have tapped the expertise of US-based Syniverse to allow subscribers to keep their mobile numbers for life. 
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Subscribers may soon keep their numbers for a lifetime

Philippine telcos tap Syniverse for mobile portability law

In a statement, Globe Telecom said the group, PLDT, and Dito Telecommunity selected Syniverse which flaunts three decades of experience in the global market as their mobile number portability service provider (MNPSP) in line with the government's mandate to allow subscribers to retain their numbers even when they change networks. 

Given the technical and operational complexity of mobile number portability, we wanted to make sure the MNPSP has the experience and capacity to fulfill its obligations under the law, Globe Chief Technology and Information Officer and Chief Strategy Officer Gil B. Genio said.

Globe said Syniverse would "bring in the technical infrastructure to fulfill its primary function as a clearinghouse for the three mobile operators to ensure the smooth implementation of number porting services."

This process, according to Syniverse, may take up to 18 months for the Philippine market.

Both PLDT and Globe said this move signaled the groups' support for the vision of the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) under the Republic Act 11202 also known as the "Mobile Number Portability Act". 

We are taking steps to put in place a seamless and efficient process for our existing and would-be customers who would like to avail of this service in the future, said Alfredo S. Panlilio, Chief Revenue Officer of PLDT and Smart, and President of Smart.

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