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How to switch to a new telco provider without changing your mobile number?

Effective as of yesterday you can now keep your mobile number as you transfer from one provider to another, thanks to the Republic Act No. 11202 or the Mobile Number Portability Act.
How to switch to a new telco provider without changing your mobile number?
How to switch? Read on.

What is MNP?

Mobile subscribers can start switching to another telco starting September 30
Globe, DITO, or Smart?
To recap, Mobile Number Portability or MNP ensures that an individual can keep their mobile number when they switch networks or change their subscription from postpaid to prepaid and vice versa. The process itself is FREE of charge.

What are the port options you can do?

Number porting has two types: Internal and External. Internal porting means going from a prepaid plan within your network to a postpaid plan also within your network or vice versa. External porting is shifting from your mother network to an outside network or vice versa. Note that both porting allows you to keep your current mobile number.

Who is eligible for porting?

To qualify for porting, you must meet the following criteria:
1. Have an active number
2. No unpaid balance from your current network provider
3. Your mobile number shouldn’t be part of a bundled service or product
4. There must be no pending request for the transfer of ownership of your mobile subscription
5. Your mobile number must not have other accounts under your subscription
6. You have no other porting requests within the last 60 days
7. Your mobile number must not have a pending transfer of mobile number ownership request
8. Your mobile number is not associated with any fraudulent activity

What do you need to apply for MNP?

You must also be able to present the following:
1. A valid Unique Subscriber Code or USC (a 9-digit code which can be requested via text valid for 15 days from date of issuance)
2. A government-issued ID
3. Proof of ownership of your mobile number

How to apply for MNP?

1. Apply for a mobile network switch through your mother network provider and receive a USC.
2. Apply to the network provider of your choice and present the USC.
3. Once approved, the network provider of your choice (Globe, Smart, DITO) will then issue and activate a new sim with your current mobile number.

Are you going to make the switch?

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