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Is this the clamshell-style Galaxy Fold 2?

On Chinese website Weibo, Ice universe has spotted alleged live images of Samsung's upcoming clamshell-style foldable smartphone.
Is this the clamshell-style Galaxy Fold 2?
The Galaxy Fold 2?

Is this the clamshell-style Galaxy Fold 2?

The device is rumored to be the Galaxy Fold 2. The style of the device has some similarities to the 2019 Motorola Razr except that it has a punch-hole in the middle for the selfie camera instead of a notch. The phone also has a slimmer chin bezel, unlike the Razr.

When closed, it will show the time and other details. It also showed that it has a dual-camera setup. When unfolded, it will transform into a full-fledged smartphone that looks like the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

First teased at the Samsung Developers Conference 2019, the new-generation Galaxy foldable smartphone is rumored to be a powerhouse.

In fact, Bloomberg's sources said that it will be packed with Samsung's own 108MP camera and 5x optical zoom tech.

While the rest of the specs still unknown for now. It will likely be powered by a modern chipset with 5G connectivity. We won't be surprised it will run with a new-generation 5G ready chipset or the current Samsung Exynos 980 5G chip.

Now, let's wait and see if this leak is accurate or not. We'll keep you guys posted!

Source: Weibo, Via: Ice universe
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