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Vivo discloses update roadmap for the new Funtouch OS!

Vivo teases Funtouch OS based on Android 10 with a new update roadmap! 
Vivo disclosed an update roadmap for the new Funtouch OS
Vivo for Funtouch OS 10

Features of Funtouch OS

There were new features of Funtouch OS 10 that was unveiled with a teaser video. As mentioned in our previous report, App Sharing will be incorporated. Seemingly, this allows sharing video, sound, and even vibration from one Vivo unit to another.

Apart from that, Funtouch OS 10 is claimed to feature dynamic wallpapers and effects. The effects may simply pertain to detailed animations for status bar icons, transitions, and dynamic edge light effects. About the wallpaper, this can be a bit of a mystery since the source stated macro fluid photography. Motions of river, lake, and sea were also mentioned related to this feature.

Update Roadmap for Funtouch OS on Vivo devices

Users of other Vivo smartphones will need to wait for an update, however, the X30 will arrive with Funtouch OS 10 by default. The tech giant releases an updated roadmap and it is divided into three batches. By February next year, updates will roll out, including a sufficient amount of devices.

The first batch of phones includes NEX 3, NEX 3 5G, X27, X27 Pro, X27 8 + 128GB version, NEX, NEX screen fingerprint version, NEX flagship version, NEX dual-screen version, S5.

For the second batch of phones consists of Z5, Z5i, Z5x, S1, S1Pro.

The third batch of phones announced were X21s, X23, X23 Phantom Edition Z3, Z3i, Z3i Standard edition.

What do you think about the new Funtouch OS?

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