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Alibaba files patent for dual-folding smartphone design

Alibaba applied filed a patent for a smartphone with a dual-folding, clamshell design. It indicates that the Chinese company looks to work on their own smartphone.
Alibaba files patent for dual-folding smartphone design
Alibaba patents a new smartphone design

Alibaba working on folding phones?

The foldable smartphone has a clamshell design, as mentioned earlier. But, it has a trick up its sleeves that separates it from those that came out from Samsung and Motorola. Alibaba's design folds twice. So, it has three layers once folded.

Images also show that the phone will have a secondary display on the upper part of the back panel. The size of the secondary display is one-third of the length of the phone.

Once the phone is folded, this back screen will remain usable. It can be used to make calls and show notifications and more. Two physical buttons are also seen which will serve as the power button and volume rocker.

What do you guys think?

Source: GizmoChina
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