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HONOR FlyPods Lite Review - Impressive seal, connectivity, sound, and price

The benefits of True Wireless Stereo earphones continue to capture consumers' attention, thus this became an obvious trend. Even Huawei released several TWS buds, HONOR its subsidiary did the same thing.
HONOR FlyPods Lite Review - Impressive seal, connectivity, sound, and price
FlyPods Lite

The result is the HONOR Flypods Lite, a budget TWS buds with an attractive price of PHP 2,990. 

Aside from the price, most of its features center on functionality and simplicity. From the pill-shaped case to the smallest details like earplugs, it’s observable that the user’s needs were taken into account.

Now, let’s discover how this would fare as your everyday TWS earphones in terms of quality and performance.

Below is our review of the FlyPods Lite:


Eye-catching turquoise-colored box

The FlyPods Lite comes in a compact but a bit heavy, turquoise-colored box. Inside it contains your usual warranty card and a somewhat thick user manual.

There's a short USB cable included for charging with two tips size, one small pair then the other pair is larger. With these included, the user can choose which is the better fit. 
The complete package inside this box
The complete package inside this box

Aside from these, a pair of sporty and breathable tips are also part of the package. This is more suitable for outdoor use since the tiny holes in these can help the user hear the ambient sounds.

Build Quality/Design

FlyPods inside its well-crafted casing

Both of the FlyPods and its case are made of polycarbonate material with a sleek finish. The unit we are reviewing is in a classy black color, but this is also available in white.
With removed tips
With removed tips

As for the body of the FlyPods, its in-ear design is still comfortable to wear possibly because its curved design is suited for most ear types. In terms of durability, these buds can withstand splashes of water and even sweat, with its IP54 rating in water resistance.

A tailor-made companion for your daily commute on rainy days or sweaty workouts!

Moreover, both buds have a tiny marking in the inner part, no physical buttons for volume adjustment or whatsoever.

Each has a dual mic feature for call purposes, and a metallic mesh that serves as a filter against earwax and dirt. Besides, two metal contacts are positioned on the body for recharging them with the casing.
Discreet markings and metal contacts
Discreet markings and metal contacts

The said casing is in pillbox shape and in black color also. It has the common flip-open design whereas the branding is discreetly engraved on the topmost part.

On the front area, you can find an indicator light for pairing while the button for this function is located at the back. Beside it is the micro USB port for charging it with cord included.


Good comfort and isolation
Good comfort and isolation

Despite its in-ear design, the HONOR FlyPods did not cause any discomfort when I used them for three hours straight.

The soft silicone material of the tips combined with the lightweight buds made me forget I'm wearing them during my workout routine.

Another advantage of this design is that the earbuds remained secure even during those times I was moving or active. It's a big plus since you won't want to always worry about losing them, whenever you used them outdoors.

The FlyPods effectively blocks the noise from the surroundings

These TWS from HONOR lacks the Active Noise Cancellation of Huawei Freebuds 3 but they can do away without it. Why? The isolation feature is solid enough once you get the proper seal from the tips.


The casing can be charged through this USB port

According to HONOR, FlyPods Lite's battery can endure three hours on a single charge, depending on some factors like volume, the sound source, and the environment. True to its claim, my usage lasted for approximately 3 hours with the volume at 70 percent.

No need to worry about this since the charging case can add 12 hours of playtime. In total, you get 15 hours of battery.

When I emptied the battery of the FlyPods, I tried charging them for just 15 minutes with the casing. After that, I used them for my music playlist for more than an hour. Not bad at all for these budget TWS, don't you think?

Additionally, it would be better if there's an option or compatibility for wireless charging or fast charging. But other than that, the overall battery capacity is admirable.


HONOR FlyPods boasts a few features that simply spells ease and minimalism. First off this list is the quick pairing via Bluetooth. Just open the charging box, lightly press the pairing button for about two seconds until a blue light appears on the indicator. 

If the phone's Bluetooth is already open, the FlyPods will pair in that instance. No need to do these steps, next time you pair it your device is faster.

The next feature that I find quite helpful is the tap control functions on the earbuds. A double-tap on the left earbud can activate the Google Assistant while tapping twice the right can pause or resume the media you are currently playing. 

Apart from the controls, the motion sensor works pretty well since the music always automatically stops. This is a clever add-on for the FlyPods Lite as it can save battery whenever not in use.

Perhaps it will be a good idea if HONOR added practical controls for skipping songs and volume control. However, it's not much of an issue at this price point.

You can enjoy high-quality calls even in noisy environments

The FlyPods Lite is still using the older Bluetooth 4.2 tech. But fortunately, we can barely feel the difference with most similarly priced TWS buds. It is fairly stable. As mentioned, the reconnection speed is quite fast.

It doesn't have low latency modes like the realme Buds Air or the higher-end Huawei FreeBuds 3, but the overall connectivity is pretty stable. Delay is not noticeable for audio listening.

The dual mic feature is ideal for long calls as my sample conversations were consistently clear. I'm pretty amazed by these FlyPods in terms of clarity since my voice was not muffled according to my callers. In one instance, I even went to an outdoor market but I did not have any problems.


It can produce decent tunes
It can produce decent tunes

In terms of sound quality, HONOR FlyPods showed its true potential by tuning the volume at 60 or 70 percent. Basically, it is fairly easy to drive with almost no distortion using the mentioned volume level. Up to 80 percent, it will sound great.

Using it above that would make noise and distortion a bit more noticeable. Like most buds, the max volume would be damaging to the ears.

The sound signature is a bit warm with a focus on the lows.

The bass is big and decent, but it is barely tight and controlled. It has sub-bass which is impressive for a budget buds though. This could be a great choice for those who are looking bass-intense earbuds for the energetic music genre.

However, since there's an emphasis on the lows, bass can be a bit overpowering for some.

The mids or the vocals have a close to full sound and crisp details. Instruments are fairly separated as well. But, they will be clouded versus higher-end buds. They sound good, but it won't still be good enough for demanding audiophiles.

Highs aren't that emphasized, but there will still be tracks with harsh-sounding peaks. It is a bit dark sounding in my opinion.

The soundstage is not that wide compared to other TWS with an open design. But it is still considered as decent for wireless earbuds with in-ear design.

Overall, the HONOR FlyPods still did a great job despite its low price tag.

Pros -  Unique design, sweat and splash resistance, options for ear tips, good isolation, infrared motion sensor, reliable connectivity, easy reconnection with devices, tap controls, dual-mic feature for calls, attractive pricing
Cons - Lacks tap control for skipping songs, no fast charging, no option for wireless charging, the sound stage is not that wide

HONOR FlyPods Lite Specs

Driver: 7mm dynamic driver
Microphone: 4x mic
Battery: 55mAh per earpiece w/o case, 410mAh w/ case
Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.2
Sensors: IR sensor
Others: IPX4 water splash resistance, Google Assistant key, double-tap control
Dimensions: 60 x 30 x 20 mm (case)
Weight: 5 g per earbud, 43 g w/ case
Price: PHP 2,990


The HONOR FlyPods Lite is far from perfect TWS but its strengths obviously outweighed its minor weaknesses. 

I am pretty impressed with the comfort these earbuds gave and this should be taken into consideration. You wouldn't want sore ears after listening to music or watching a series.
FlyPods Lite also did an awesome job for the quality of its dual-mics, as these buds were able to cancel ambient noises as I tried them for calling.

In general, you'll get more than your money's worth with these TWS if you are looking for a no-nonsense audio accessory.

Build/Design - 3.5
Comfort/Isolation - 4
Battery Life - 4
Features - 4
Sound - 4
Average - 3.9/5
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