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OnePlus intros worry-free overnight charging solution

OnePlus has a new feature that's designed to further improve user's charging experience and battery help of the phone on top of the "playing while charging" and temperature control, the Optimized Charging.
OnePlus intros worry-free overnight charging solution
File photo: OnePlus 7 Pro while charging

Optimized Charging solution!

OnePlus said that the Optimized Charging is designed to defer battery drain rate optimally without affecting the user experience.
Warp Charge
Warp Charge

It should be great for those who are charging their phones while sleeping as it will prevent the battery from being overcharged and further extend the battery longevity of your phone.

How it works? The battery will initially be charged to 80 percent and will be suspended temporarily by using the "user sleep cycle detection" function. The phone will be charged to 100 percent before your daily wake up time, first alarm, or first event.

It simply means that even if your phone is connected to the charger all the time while you are sleeping.

The OnePlus will then finish charging and should hit 100 percent just as you take it off the charger to get on with your day. After a few weeks, it will learn that you consistently wake up and take your OnePlus off charge at 8 AM, for example.

The feature is currently available to OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro users as a part of the Oxygen OS beta last month.

To use the feature, open the setting of your phone, go the battery, and turn on Optimized Charging.

The battery icon in the status bar will change and there will be a muted notification in the notification area while Optimized Charging is on. To override Optimized Charging, just click "Continue Charging" to have full batt anytime you want.

Source: OnePlus
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