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PropertyAccess arrives in the Philippines

A few days ago, Property Access, a growing real estate digital company in Asia, officially arrived here in the Philippines. 
PropertyAccess officially comes here in the Philippines, with its newly improved website
Launch of PropertyAccess with its executives and endorsers

What is PropertyAccess as a company all about?

Last January 16, it was launched at the Conservatory at The Peninsula Manila Hotel with guesting from real estate professionals, real estate brokers and agents, property developers and international real estate investors.

In 2018, the company was built by two real estate tycoons, Hiroki Kazato and Shiela Baylon. Kazato is famous for his expertise in real estate trading and distribution whereas Baylon is widely knowledgeable in marketing and sales.

PropertyAccess Philippines reportedly wants to make the process of buying, selling, and leasing of properties more convenient for Filipinos. Its online platform is said to promote transparency of information and accessibility to broader markets.

The company presented a freshly designed website with a different user interface that was designed for improved user experience. It was modeled after the state-of-the-art websites from Singapore and Australia. 

The website was described to be easy to comprehend and straightforward that may be highly influenced by Japanese visual acumen and sensibility. Aside from that, the company noted the users’ needs so it made the website intuitive, quick in loading and flexible on mobile.

Sellers or real estate agents and brokers can post their listings with no limit for PHP 999/month, without sharing commission to the website. Real estate agents and brokers can utilize it for customer leads while individuals who want to sell can find brokers and agents here for assistance. Both will have access to full information about property listings and have an avenue for fast communication.

The PropertyAccess Philippines has many exciting plans for 2020, that includes exposing agents and brokers to the Japanese market through numerous events.

To check its website and services, visit this link.
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