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Samsung announces next generation Family Hub refrigerator with AI!

At the CES 2020, Samsung announced the Family Hub refrigerator with AI-enhanced cameras that helps you plan meals and share media entertainment.
Samsung announces next generation Family Hub refrigerator with AI!
Samsung Family Hub refrigerator

An AI-enhanced refrigerator that recommends recipes?

Samsung updates the Family Hub's ViewInside cameras with new AI image recognition technology that scans the products inside, identifies the said products and it then updates you what items were added or reduced.

It also features an intelligent Meal Planner that offers you a week's worth of recommended recipes which comes from Whisk, an AI startup recently acquired by Samsung NEXT.

Family Hub's virtual bulletin board called Family Board has been updated with SmartView which mirrors content from nearby connected Samsung TVs and/or Samsung mobile devices.

This means you can stream music and video and share them on the large display on the Family Hub refrigerator.

Lastly, the Family Hub now supports monitoring and controlling of over 1,000 SmartThings-compatible devices in your home from your refrigerator. This means you can now view connected security cameras or control the lights in adjacent rooms in the comfort of your own kitchen.

What do you guys think?

Source: Samsung
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