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XTREME unveils 2020 appliance lineup!

XTREME announced its appliance lineup for 2020 that covers everything from the kitchen to your entertainment system.
XTREME unveils 2020 appliance lineup!
XTREME has appliances to complete your entertainment system

2020 XTREME devices

It also has kitchen appliances as well
It also has kitchen appliances as well

First off, XTREME Home has a lot of kitchen appliances to help you whip up meals in style. These include gas ranges, microwave ovens, rice cookers, and blenders. In addition, you can preserve leftovers with refrigerators and freezers. There are water dispensers as well for having refreshing cold waters on-hand.

For audio, you can plug instruments or stream music to party with XTREME's wide range of speakers, amplifiers, and subwoofers. There is also a variety of Smart TVs to help you have movie dates at home or bond with your family. You can also take care of your clothes using XTREME's washing machines and flat irons.

Lastly, there are air-conditioners that can deliver optimal cooling to any room in your home. You can make sure that you are comfortable especially during summer.

XTREME products are available nationwide across over 1,500 stores nationwide.

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