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Dot smartwatch uses Braille to notify the visually impaired

Here is something new, a smartwatch that enables a blind user to read notifications in Braille.
Meet the Dot Smartwatch
Meet the Dot Smartwatch

What does this Braille smartwatch can do?

Visually impaired people usually depend on the voice technology of smartphones for their daily lifestyle. However, with the latest smartwatch called Dot, a blind person can receive the notifications that are readable in the Braille system. 

The Dot Smartwatch, the first-ever braille smartwatch as reported, is also the first product of a South Korean start-up company. This is a sleek motorized smartwatch that utilizes Braille in informing its wearer of all of the necessary information. 

Moreover, the Dot works in a simple way as described. The dial is curved inwards to offer protection around the braille modules themselves. This design is said to make it easier to wear the watch day in and day out. 

There are four motorized modules underneath the dial and each module has six possible dots. This smartwatch can display up to four braille characters at a time since each dot can be raised or lowered. As for its user, he or she can read the dial like reading on a piece of paper with Braille on it. 
The dots can be lowered and raised individually in each module
The dots can be lowered and raised individually in each module

Eric Gallegos a Technology and Communication Trainer for Blind People, stated that this a life-changing technology for him. He added that it acts like navigation, notification and a remote system.

The News Minute reported that this wearable device allows visually impaired users to receive real-time information from their phone. This includes notifications, text messages, Facebook messages, and others. 

Furthermore, the Dot is connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth and can receive any text information from any app or service. To input any data, it comes with a crown and two buttons. It’s built from super-light aluminum while the battery is claimed to last for seven days of use.

The start-up company stated that India is the largest market for Dot since it has 60 million visually impaired people, the highest number worldwide. The Dot was recently showcased in the said country as part of the Hyderabad-based startup engine T-Hub’s India Market Access program. 

The company's goal is to help improve the literacy rates of the 60 million visually-impaired with the help of its products. The Dot smartwatch is currently sold for USD 300.

There's no news yet if this wearable will soon arrive here in the Philippines or other countries in the future. 

What do you guys think about this innovation?

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