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You can now pay your Converge ICT bills at Pay & Go kiosks nationwide

Converge ICT Solutions Inc. partners with BTI Payments so you can pay at over 500 Pay & Go kiosks nationwide. 
Pay & Go kiosks nationwide
Pay & Go kiosks nationwide

You can pay bills with Converge ICT and Pay & Go

Converge ICT Solutions Inc. partners with BTI Payments so that customers can pay their bills through Pay & Go kiosks nationwide. BTI Payments is a wholly-owned subsidiary of BANKTECH, a top tier ATM and payment technology provider in Asia and Australia. 

There are over 500 self-service kiosks nationwide with some of these kiosks operate 24/7. This should result in more locations with shorter queues that make the payment experience more convenient.

'Our growing portfolio of kiosks is located nationwide and will be in more places relevant and synonymous to where paying customers are at. We want to seamlessly integrate it into their fast-paced lifestyles, making payments without a hassle - whether you are in the office, supermarket, pharmacy, mall or at home.

As our service is real-time, anytime -we ensure Converge transactions through Pay & Go will be no different than paying at their stores of business offices.' said BTI Payments Country Head Dan Ibarra.

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