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Watch: Huawei Mate 30 Pro 5G speed test in BGC using Globe's network

Since the launch of 5G in the country is nearing, Huawei recently launched the Mate 30 Pro 5G in the Philippines, a future-proof smartphone with top-of-the-line specs.
Watch: Huawei Mate 30 Pro 5G speed test in BGC using Globe's network
Mate 30 Pro 5G speed test

A glimpse of the future!

One of the few areas with a live 5G network in the country is in BGC Bonifacio High Street near the Globe Iconic Amphitheater. In particular, I was able to get the 5G signal in Mango Tree restaurant. Other restaurants in the vicinity can also receive 5G signals.

To try its speed out, you'll need three (3) things. First, is a smartphone with 5G connectivity. Second, a Globe postpaid SIM. Third, a speed test app.

For this particular test, I downloaded the Speedtest by Ookla app on the Mate 30 Pro 5G. We also compared the speeds on the Mate 30 Pro 5G and Mate 30 Pro 4G.

Have a look at our test below:

Quick thoughts

So far, I'm pleased with the result that I got. It is several folds faster than the current 4G technology that we have.

The good news, I got a word that it is not yet the true capability of 5G. Globe is still limiting its speed as it is still under development stage. Expect to get greater speeds once the network is ready.

To recall, 2020 is the year where both Globe and Smart are planning to launch 5G services in the country. The telco companies stated that we should expect faster rollouts this time as 5G is easier to implement than 4G.

More areas will be 5G-ready before the year ends as well.

Are you guys excited?
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