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Apple and Google to develop COVID-19 contact tracing technology

In an effort to help fight Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), American tech firms Apple and Google have forged a partnership to develop a contact tracing technology.
Apple and Google to develop COVID-19 contact tracing technology
To prevent the further spread of COVID-19

Apple x Google to beat COVID-19

Apple and Google will enable the use of Bluetooth technology to help governments and health agencies reduce the spread of the virus without compromising data security.

The companies said that since COVID-19 can be transmitted through close proximity to affected individuals, public health officials have identified contact tracing as a valuable tool to help contain its spread.

Apple and Google will be launching a comprehensive solution that includes application programming interfaces (APIs) and operating system-level technology to assist in enabling contact tracing.

In May, both companies will release APIs that enable interoperability between Android and iOS devices using apps from public health authorities. The official apps will be available for users to download via Apple App Store or Google Play Store for FREE.

In the coming months, both companies will work to enable a broader Bluetooth-based contact tracing platform by building this functionality into the underlying platforms.

Let's wait and see!

Source: Apple
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