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GMA Network reaches 19M followers on Facebook

GMA Network's Facebook page reached 19 million likes. GMA News' Facebook page is not far behind with over 15M followers as well.
GMA Network reached 19M followers in Facebook
GMA Network reached 19M followers in Facebook

GMA Network closing in on 20 million followers on Facebook

As of now, the GMA Network Facebook page has 19,879,280 followers and counting. As for its YouTube subscribers, it has more than 15.9 million. 

As for GMA News' Facebook page, it now has 15,507,252 followers making one of the most followed Facebook page in the Philippines.

These Facebook pages serve as a hub for GMA fans for discussions about their favorite shows, actors, news, and current affairs.

GMA Network's YouTube channel has 15.9 billion lifetime views. There are also other channels for GMA Network such as a dedicated GMA News channel, GMA Public Affairs, and more.

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