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Security Bank's tips for digital banking during COVID-19

Security Bank has shared some tips and tricks about digital banking during the enhanced community quarantine. You can still do your banking needs in the safety of your own home.
Security Bank's tips for digital banking during COVID-19
Security Bank's tips for digital banking during COVID-19

Digital banking during COVID-19 ECQ

1. Maintain communications - Maintaining communication during these times is a must. Communication will require mobile load which can be easily be bought using the Security Bank app without any additional charges.

2. Pay your bills - With the roads blocked and most businesses closed, paying your bills can be a problem. However, with Security Bank Online, you can pay off your bills from your smartphone or computer easily.

3. Easy and secure funds transfer - Shortened bank hours can be a problem especially when you need to transfer funds to your loved ones. With the Security Bank app, you do not have to worry because you can transfer funds to any Security Bank account.

Your unbanked loved ones can easily withdraw cash from any Security Bank ATMs through eGiveCash. Hundreds of ATMs that are eGiveCash equipped in the country are regularly stocked with cash, armored cars are also working round the clock to ensure cash availability.

4. Save that money - ECQ also allows you to save more since there is less to spend on. Using Security Bank’s eSecure Online Savings Account, you can save up for with no hassle. It only takes P500 to open an account and a maintaining balance of P5,000 to begin earning interest.

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