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Watch: OnePlus 8 design revealed

A few days ahead of its April 14 launch, OnePlus has teased the design of the OnePlus 8 along with sketches of its full design.
Watch: OnePlus 8 design revealed
OnePlus 8 design

Beautiful to Behold?

The video teaser confirmed that the handsets will feature a Glacial Green color with plenty of curves and neatly placed buttons. 

OnePlus said that for the OnePlus 8 series, it'll use the fifth generation of matte-frosted glass created using a newly crafted process. The company added that it is the company's best CMF to date which is designed to impress anyone who touches it. It has a higher degree of haze so it will come with a smooth and fine texture for better comfort.

The company also flattened the center of the 3D curved glass for a cleaner look. Both sides highlighted the "Horizon Line" design where OnePlus curved the glass just enough to ensure a comfortable grip.

OnePlus also said that it will feature a thinner profile and lighter weight to sit ergonomically and comfortably in the hands.

The new degree of haze will allow the matte-frosted glass to better reflect changes in light sensitivity as well.

The OnePlus 8 is also rumored to be offered in Onyx Black and Interstellar Glow. The OnePlus 8 Pro is expected to come in Onyx Black, Ultramarine Blue, and Glacial Green.

For the rumored specs of the phone, read here.

Stay tuned!

Source: OnePlus
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