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Xiaomi introduces a smart clothes dryer with MIJIA voice control

Xiaomi launched a clothes dryer that can be controlled via app or voice recognition, the MIJIA  Smart Clothes Dryer.
Xiaomi introduces a smart clothes dryer with MIJIA voice control
A smart clothes dryer that can be controlled by an app

MIJIA Smart Clothes Dryer is designed to make your laundry work easier

It's an IoT product that features a foldable design in which the rack itself can expand up to 2.2 meters. The bars are said to be durable and can support a maximum load of 35 kilograms.

Aside from that, the dryer is equipped with a large-area energy-saving LED panel. This is claimed to make the drying process fast and convenient.
 Retractable and sturdy design
Retractable and sturdy design

The physical design of the product is described to be similar to Mr. Bond Smart Clothes Dryer. However, it was noted that the difference between the two lies in the MIJIA app control. With support for the MIJIA app, this smart clothes dryer can be utilized to execute commands like height control and light switching. 

When the dryer is lowering down to the height you prefer, you can stop the motion by just holding any of the bars. It also means it will stop when it meets an obstruction so damage will be prevented. Furthermore, once you have finished using the dryer, you can close it by pushing it up and it automatically retracts.

The appliance also supports XiaoAI voice command and can be controlled using an XIaoAI compatible device like the Xiaomi Smart Speaker. Moreover, it includes an accessory, wireless remote control that can be placed on the wall beside the dryer.

This smart clothes dryer has an initial price of  CNY 849 (more or less PHP 6K) and will be available in China on April 15 through Xiaomi Mall and Mi Home. After the crowdfunding, this appliance will be sold at its regular price of CNY 899 (more or less PHP 6.4K).

Note: Taxes and duties are not yet included in these conversions.

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Source: GizmoChina
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