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ARM announces Cortex-A78, Cortex-X1, Mali-G78, and more

ARM announced its new high-end CPU core designs that will be used in future chipsets for upcoming smartphone flagships.
Cortex-A78's power efficiency
Cortex-A78's power efficiency

ARM unveils Cortex-A78, Cortex-X1, and Mali-G78

First up, the Cortex-A78 is the successor of the Cortex-A77 which is currently the fastest core in the ARM lineup. It offers 20 percent more performance while consuming the same amount of power as the A77. This overall gives 50 percent less power consumption to provide the previous generation's CPU performance.
It is smaller and more power-efficient the Cortex-A77
It is smaller and more power-efficient the Cortex-A77

It is also smaller than the last-gen core. It uses 15 percent less space in an octa-core chipset configuration like in a 4 x Cortex-A78 + 4 x Cortex-A55 setup for instance.

For the Cortex-X1 has a 30 percent is the new performance-focused custom CPU cores from ARM. The design comes from the ARM CXC program that saw ARM collaborate with its partners to make custom cores.
Possible Cortex-X1 configurations
Possible Cortex-X1 configurations

The Cortex-X1 promises a 30 percent higher peak performance than the Cortex-A77. It is also 23 percent faster than the new Cortex-A78 in terms of integer calculations and it also has double the machine learning abilities.

However, this boost in performance comes at the price of more power consumption and a bigger size. This means that the most probable configuration for this is 1 x Cortex X1 + 3 x Cortex A78 + 4 x A5x for an octa-core processor setup.

In terms of GPUs, ARM announced two in the Mali-G78 and Mali-G68. The Mali-G78 is still on the Valhall architecture which the same as the G77. But, it is 25 percent faster in certain tasks and can support up to 24 core results. It is promising a 17 percent real-world performance increase in games.

The Mali-G68 is the Mali-G78 in essence but with fewer core designs, smaller size, and better power efficiency.

What do you guys think?

Source: ARM, Via: Android Police
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