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Facebook Messenger Rooms' 50-people video call arrives in the Philippines

Messenger Rooms with 50-people video call support has rolled out in several countries including the Philippines. Here's how to use it.
Facebook Messenger Rooms' 50-people video call arrives in the Philippines
Messenger Rooms on a laptop

Messenger Rooms arrives in the Philippines

Screenshot from Peter Reyes
Screenshot from Peter Reyes

Facebook felt the demand for real-time video and has announced Messenger Rooms. The new service is the company's response to Zoom Video Communications' fast-growing popularity that was caused by the sudden growth in working from home and social distancing.

Messenger Rooms allows users to host up to 50 people in one Video call group with no time limit and has been rolling out in different countries including the Philippines. The service is now integrated with the latest version of the Messenger App for Android and iOS and is integrated into the Messenger website.

If using your mobile phone, all users have to do is the following:

1. Open the Messenger App
2. Tap to select the "People" Tab at the bottom
3. Tap "Create a Room."
4. To invite people into the group video chat, tap "Share link" and select the contacts you want to invite into the group video chat. The service does not need nor requires a Facebook Account.

If using the service on a desktop or laptop, do the following:

1. Open your preferred web browser
2. Type on the Address bar "messenger.com" or Go to Facebook.com and click on the Messenger icon.
3. Click the "Start New Room" camera icon (the icon that looks like a camera with "+" symbol) on the top left.
4. A pop-up window will appear that will prompt you to join. Click on "Join as (your name)" to join the group chat room.
5. To invite others, copy, paste, and send the URL at the top of the Facebook Room window to the people you want to join the group video call.

What do you guys think?

Thank you to Peter Reyes for the screenshot and the tip.

Source: LifeHacker
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