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Fitbit launches in-app COVID-19 resource hub with 90-day FREE premium

Fitbit introduced a new COVID-19 resource hub as a new feature tab in the company's mobile app.
Fitbit launches in-app COVID-19 resource hub with 90-day FREE premium
Fitbit launches in-app COVID-19 resource hub

Fitbit's new COVID-19 resource hub

Fitbit app COVID-19 app
Fitbit app COVID-19 app

The new Fitbit resource hub provides users helpful information and resources pertaining to the coronavirus. All users of the Fitbit app and accounts in the Philippines and around the world can now access the new tab located on the bottom right of the app.

With this, users can utilize different tools to be motivated to stay active and healthy at the safety of their homes. Users get a 90-day free trial of Fitbit Premium and 40+ Premium at-home workouts, meditations, sleep tracks are now available are also made free. Reminders to take meditational breaths, stretch, and movements will also be available. There are also advanced sleep tools, nutrition tips, and healthy habits.

COVID-19 updates are added regularly in accordance with the latest information from the World Health Organization.

Fitbit is also teaming up with The Scripps Research Institute and Stanford Medicine for research about the usability of data from wearables in helping to detect, track, and contain COVID-19. The data in question include changes in heart rate, activity, and sleep in relation to detecting an early indication of infections.

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