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Huawei, China Mobile deploy 5G base station to Mount Everest summit

Telco titans Huawei and China Mobile have made an aggressive move to prove they continue to lead in the Fifth Generation (5G) space. 
Huawei, China Mobile deploy 5G base station to Mount Everest summit
China's telecom giants deploy 5G coverage to Mount Everest summit

5G signal can now be found on Mount Everest summit

The Chinese firms recently put a base station 6,500 meters up Mount Everest, the Earth's highest mountain, allowing people to access the network at the summit. 

Both companies hope the 5G network could be used to deliver communication services for the 2020 Mount Everest re-measurement.

It comes on the 60th anniversary of the first successful ascent of Mount Everest from the northern slope and the 45th anniversary of China’s first official accurate measurement of Mount Everest, the firms said in a press release. 

Huawei, which has been at the top of 5G development, stressed that technology could "make the world better". 

It also noted that with the 5G network, mountaineers, scientists, and other specialists could take advantage of this to experience high-definition video and VR experience.

The ground-breaking establishment on Mount Everest once again proves that 5G technology connect mankind and the Earth harmoniously, Huawei said.

Source: Telecoms
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