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Huawei PH highlights the display, design and camera set-up of its P40 series

The sleek design and camera system of the Huawei P40 smartphones are said to be inspired by the Art of Motion and nature.
Huawei PH highlights the display, design and camera set-up of its P40 series
Modern-looking P40 Pro

Streamlined design and immersive screen

Based on the Art of Motion concept, the design of these flagship devices allegedly has similarities with the Heyday Aliyev Center by Zaha Hadid. They incorporate a simple and modern aesthetics that integrates nature.
Quad-Curve Overflow Display

For example, the Huawei Quad-Curve Overflow Display resembles a glass filled with water and about to spill but stopped by surface tension.

The display is slightly curved from the center to four sides. As a result the P40 Pro and P40 Pro+is claimed to offer a balanced yet immersive viewing experience. Also, these two phones feature round corners and curved edges for optimal efficiency and great viewing experience.

The P40 smartphones are crafted by using glass panels and metal frames to produce an elegant appeal but a comfortable grip.

Ultra-Vision camera system

Aside from Quad-curve Overflow Display, Huawei P40 phones come with advanced camera set-up and large sensor.

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The company adopted the horizontal logo and camera alignment of the P Series to include all the camera components. Looking on the inside, the primary camera is separated from other lenses to exude rhythm and harmony.
Advanced camera set-up of this device
Advanced camera set-up of this device

Moreover, Huawei applied a watch crystal process to create Huawei P40 Series’ large camera system. This is made by dividing the space by shades and lights, similar to the iris surrounding the pupil in the eye.
Bigger sensor compared to others
Bigger sensor compared to others

Huawei AppGallery is also in P40 series

The P40 devices also include Huawei AppGallery, a pre-installed platform that contains multiple apps for user's convenience. AppGallery has plenty of design, food delivery apps such as FoodPanda, Lazmart, Eatigo, Booky, and productivity apps available such as WPS Office, PhotoGrid, Camera 360, and LayOuts. There are also new apps on AppGallerywith topics about gaming, social media, entertainment, photography, travel, and others.

To recall, the P40 Pro is sold for SRP Php 50,990 while the P40 retails for SRP 36,990.

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