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LG is working on a dual-screen smartphone with "Wing" design

A fresh report from South Korea said that LG is working on a new smartphone phone factor to make the dual-screen possible without the need for folding displays.
LG is working on a dual-screen smartphone with "Wing" design
Image render of the LG Wing from ETNews

A new dual-screen smartphone form factor?

ETNews revealed that the smartphone goes with the LG Wing codename and it is expected to be released in the second half of 2020.

The device will feature a main 6.8-inch display with a secondary 4-inch display hidden under the main display. It can be accessed by swiveling the primary screen into a horizontal position.

Based on the image, LG's logic here is to make the secondary screen a keyboard to the main display.

Instead of having the usual portrait style, this design will allow its users to enjoy a landscape screen without losing the keyboard functionality. Why? Normally, when you flip a traditional phone to landscape mode and you still want to type, the keyboard will eat half of the screen.

Other details about the device are still limited, but it could be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 700 series processor with 5G capability. It will also feature a 64MP triple-camera at the back.

The device is also 
expected to come with a personalization service that will allow users to choose the color of its screen.

The LG Wing will fall under the company's "mass premium" market strategy with a possible KRW 1 million SRP or around PHP 41K out of straight conversion in 2H 2020.

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Sources: Heraldcorp, ETNews, Via: XDA
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