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Makati City taps GCash to disburse PHP 2.7B financial support

The Makati City government expanded its partnership with mobile wallet GCash for the disbursement of PHP 2.7 billion financial support to its 500,000 residents. 
Makati City taps GCash to disburse PHP 2.7B financial support
Makati City taps GCash to disburse financial aid

Makati, GCash strengthened partnership

GCash is set to provide a digital disbursement facility for the boosted Makatizen Economic Relief Program aimed at assisting residents affected by the coronavirus onslaught.

Makati City has always been one of the most forward-looking local governments in the Philippines, and GCash is ready to help it achieve its goal, GCash Vice President for Enterprise Luigi Reyes said.

The financial assistance is on an individual basis, which means that a household with five qualified individuals will get PHP 25,000 in aid.

Since the financial aid would be given through the mobile platform, the transmission of disease would be reduced.

We are happy to see our platform being used by government units to fight Covid-19 and ultimately flatten the curve. GCash provides a quick, safe and secure data-driven disbursement platform for the city, Reyes said. 

Residents only need to fill out an application form through the Makatizen app or through the Makatizen website. If their applications have been approved, the financial aid would be transferred to their GCash accounts. 
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