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MediaTek outs Dimensity 1000+ 5G, flagship chip with 144Hz support

Taiwanese chipmaker MediaTek has just launched the flagship member of its Dimensity 5G SoC line, the Dimensity 1000+.
MediaTek outs Dimensity 1000+ 5G, flagship chip with 144Hz support
Dimensity 1000+

MediaTek's finest chip yet

MediaTek said that the Dimensity 1000+ is an enhanced 5G-integrated chip with a number of leading technologies and upgrades for gaming, video, and power-efficiency.
144Hz, 5G
144Hz, 5G

Similar to the regular Dimensity 1000, the 1000+ chip was built using the 7nm manufacturing processor. It comes with 4x Cortex-A77 big cores and 4x Cortex-A55 efficiency cores. It also uses the Mali-G77 MP9 GPU.

Dimensity 1000+ showcases an incredible, flagship-grade user experience for smartphone users globally. The single-chip integrates in a suite of world-leading innovations in 5G connectivity and power-efficiency, plus unique display, video, and gaming technologies that make it stand out said Dr. Yenchi Lee, Assistant General Manager of MediaTek’s Wireless Communications Business Unit.

The company claimed that this is the world's most advanced 5G-integrated SoC with best-in-class power efficiency.

It comes with Carrier Aggregation, dual 5G SIM, and super-fast 5G speeds. The chip also goes with MediaTek's UltraSave power-saving technology to dynamically adjust the modem's power configuration and operating frequency according to network conditions and user activities to significantly save power.

The next highlight of the chip is the ultra-fast 144Hz Display Support. Compared to regular 60Hz panels on many smartphones, this technology is at 2.4x smoother. This tech is great for high frame rate videos, gaming apps, minimizing motion blur and jitter, and showcasing fluid and responsive gaming.

Dimensity 1000+ also comes with the latest HyperEngine 2.0 technology to optimize gaming and an upgraded Networking Engine, and an intelligent switch between 5G and 4G to minimize power consumption while maintaining user experience.

There is a Rapid Response Engine for lag-free gaming experience with multi-peripheral co-existence that avoids potential interference. It also ensures Bluetooth/WiFi can transmit simultaneously, without lag, effectively lowering latency.

MediaTek also claims that its new MiraVision tech has APU 3.0 processing power and  MiraVision Picture Quality Engine to dynamically adjust per frame contrast, sharpness, and color levels, to enhance the picture quality of 4K videos and streams in real-time.

It is said to be better than HDR10+ and can intelligently upgrade SDR videos to HDR quality.
MediaTek x iQOO
MediaTek x iQOO

MediaTek said that it will be available in the market soon. Vivo's gaming-focused sub-brand iQOO revealed that it is working on a device powered by the said chip.

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