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OPPO teases the Reno4 with 65W fast charging and 5G

Just a few months after the release of the Reno3 line, new leaks from China revealed that OPPO might soon introduce the Reno4 series.
OPPO teases the Reno4 with 65W fast charging and 5G
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Is this the OPPO Reno4?

The handset will arrive in a 3D curved glass-like material with a frosted matte finish at the back. I'll come in a Red-Orange and Blue gradient colorway, quad-camera hump, and a print at the back that reads "Glow".
Reno4 in a red-orange-like colorway
Reno4 in a red-orange-like colorway

The camera setup of the phone revealed that there will be 3 big cameras and one small camera. This suggests that the highlight might sport 3 powerful sensors and the small one will assist them.

The cameras of the phone are also rumored to support the Ultra Steady feature for better stabilization while taking videos and Super Night Scene Video for low light videos.

Lastly, the image showed that it'll come with 65W fast charging support and 5G connectivity.

The rest of the missing information is still not clear for now. We should know more in the coming days or weeks as OPPO is already marketing the device in China.

Source: Sparrow News
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