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Angkas offers use of plastic dividers for operations to return

Motorcycle hailing platform Angkas recently made a proposal to use plastic shields between its riders and passengers in order to return in action.
Angkas offers use of plastic dividers for operations to return
Angkas offers the use of plastic dividers for operations to return

Angkas plastic shields enough protection?

Angkas' proposed design
Angkas' proposed design

This proposal aims to convince authorities to allow the restoration of Angkas' services and operations. Angkas said that aside from plastic dividers, it is also thinking of proposing to make motorcycle taxis serve as shuttle services for select companies with pre-registered passengers.

There are also more offers submitted by Angkas to the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases or IATF-MEID. According to Angkas, the latter proposal will also help in terms of contact tracing if and when a passenger or rider tests positive for COVID-19 down the line. With over 4 million users, Angkas believes that this could help expand the government's contact tracing database.

Angkas also believe that requiring the passengers to provide their own helmets and face masks to limit contact between the rider and passenger. Angkas is looking to work with DOH and IATF to recommend guidelines that can be used by both private motorcycles and motorcycle taxis.

Angkas promises that if its final design for the shield is approved, the design mold will be made free to the public.

To recall, Angkas operations for motorcycle taxis stopped since the middle of March due to the Luzon quarantine measures. The company temporarily shifted to delivery services during these times to minimize crisis for its riders.

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Source: Inquirer
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