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How to Confirm your Identity for your Facebook Account

Aside from your passwords, adding additional layers of security to your social media accounts like validating your identity is recommended.
Secure your Facebook account by validating your identity
Secure your Facebook account

How to validate your identity for your current Facebook account

Identity-related internet crimes have been on the rise and adding additional layers of protection for your social media accounts like 2-step authentication and identity verification can help you prevent untoward situations or if it does happen may help you recover your account.

Facebook implemented the Identity Confirmation feature to ensure that Facebook is a safe place for the community should some users want to run ads about social issues, elections or politics.

In this article, we guide you through Facebook's Identity Confirmation feature. But do know that this process does not give your account profile the "blue check" verified account status. As of this writing, Facebook only allows popular pages to get the blue check verification. 

You will need to submit a photo of your chosen Government ID or a Notarized Form. There is a caveat. The image has to be at a massive resolution of 1500 x 2000 to be accepted by Facebook.

Be sure that the notarized form or the government ID has the same name or in your "other names" section on your Facebook Account Profile.
General settings tab
General settings tab

1. Go to and click "Settings"
2. Go to and click on the "General" tab
3. Look for and click on "Identity Confirmation"
4. You will be prompted to input your current Facebook password. Input your password.
Identity Confirmation page
Identity Confirmation page

5. If your password is correct, you will be redirected to the Identity Confirmation Page. Look for and click the "Start Identity Confirmation" or "Get Started" buttons.
6. You will be asked to choose between submitting either an image of a notarized form or a government ID.
7. Upload and submit the photo of your chosen proof of identity.
8. Wait for up to 48 hours for Facebook to authenticate your submission. (It may take longer because of the COVID-19 pandemic)
Personal ID confirmed
Personal ID confirmed

9. If your submitted image is authenticated, the Identity Confirmation page will show a green checkmark beside "Personal ID: Your ID is confirmed."

If you want to further secure your Facebook Account, you can STOP Facebook from tracking your activities outside of the app with this tutorial article.

Thank you to Nicole Marie Batungbacal for sharing this new feature from Facebook.

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