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Remove China Apps deleted from Google Play Store

Technology giant Google took down the "Remove China Apps" from its Play Store. 
Google pulls Remove China Apps from Play Store

Remove China Apps has been pulled from Google Play Store

In a Twitter post, Jaipur-based OneTouchAppLabs, the developer of the said app, announced the said move of Google. 

No reasons, however, were disclosed, reports said. But if you have already downloaded the Remove China Apps, it would continue to work on your phone. 

The troubled app allows users to delete all applications on smartphones that are developed in China. It gained popularity with more than a million people in India who have installed the application on their mobiles. 

Google also removed Mitron app, dubbed as the India rival for TikTok. According to a CNBCTV18 report, the US-based firm "red-flagged the app and decided to suspend it for violating its ‘spam and minimum functionality’ policy."

The report also stressed that another reason for Mitron's removal from the Play Store is its repetitive content, which means "copying content from other apps without adding any original content or value."

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