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Ads are coming to Samsung One UI 2.5

Samsung's One UI skin is one of the most respected modern Android skins due to its simplicity and functionalities. But, its future version might have one annoying feature—ADS.
Ads are coming to Samsung One UI 2.5
File photo: Samsung Galaxy A50s

Annoying ads for Samsung devices soon?

Freshly leaked screenshots showed that Samsung's upcoming One UI 2.5 has ads. It suggests that Samsung will begin pushing ads in its stock apps and even on the lock screen.
Ads on One UI 2.5
Ads on One UI 2.5

On the lock screen, the sample ad shows a 15-second timer that the user needs to watch before he or she can unlock the device. There is a screenshot showing that the ads are also available on the weather app.

Both ads are in Korean and we are still unsure if it'll be available to international Samsung devices.

Based on the report, the ads will only show up on budget Samsung Galaxy A and M series smartphones.

Back in October, Samsung said the intent of bringing banner ads to One UI to enable "new functions and stable service operation" through the collected advertising revenue.

Let's just hope that the ads could be turned on and off like in Xiaomi and realme devices.

One UI is expected to debut on the upcoming Galaxy Note20 series. Apart from ads, it is expected to bring gesture navigation for third party launchers.

Via: TizenHelp
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