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PLDT and Smart expands network amid COVID-19

As the COVID-19 crisis paved way for a new normal for Filipinos, PLDT and Smart continued expanding its network to maintain strong data services.
PLDT and Smart expands network amid COVID-19
Smart and PLDT network expansion keeps data services strong amid COVID-19

Smart, PLDT data services help Filipinos during COVID-19

PLDT and Smart continued its expansion and upgrades to their fixed and wireless networks in the Philippines even in the face of challenges presented by the community quarantines and lockdown such as movement restrictions.

After adjusting to the guidelines and situation, network rollout and maintenance activities were continued. The company wants to regain the momentum it has during its five-year sustained network rollout to accommodate the surging demand for data services.

In the Philippines, video streaming has been a big part of data consumption. More Filipinos are stuck at home watching on YouTube, NetFlix, and other online video streaming services. Opensignal stated that video streaming over 4G remained strong even during the pandemic.

The improvements for Smart and PLDT's networks

As of the end of March, Smart increased the number of 4G/LTE base stations to 26,000 which is 6 percent more compared to the end of 2019 and 60 percent more compared to 2018.

PLDT's fiber infrastructure which supports Smart's network is now at 338,500 kilometers nationwide.

In April, Smart further increased the capacity of its LTE network by reallocating its assigned 1800 MHz frequency from 2G to 4G LTE.

As a result, 3,785 2G base stations of Smart have also been providing additional capacity for its LTE network.

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