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TSMC CEO announces new 4nm process for 2023!

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company CEO Liu Deyin has just announced its new 4nm process by enhancing the original 5nm.
TSMC CEO announces new 4nm process for 2023!
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4nm SoCs for 2023?

At the company's recent shareholders meeting last Tuesday, June 9, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd. CEO Liu Deyin reports that the Taiwanese foundry launches the new "N4" 4nm process which is an enhanced version of its currently most advanced "N5P" 5nm process. The new 4nm SoCs produced with the new process is expected to enter mass production in 2023.

Like what the company did with the 6nm process "N6", TSMC upgraded the 7nm process "N7+". This brings improved performance while reducing power consumption and retaining compatibility with each other which in turn results in lower costs in migrating from one process to the other.

This routine of enhancing an existing process began with TSMC's 16nm while its biggest rival Samsung had a similar process but in 14nm. TSMC then began to upgrade its 16nm that resulted in the 12nm process.

TSMC plans to mass-produce the 5nm by the fourth quarter of 2020 and has a design roadmap to bring 3nm to trial production by 2021.

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Sources: MyDrivers, Via: GizmoChina
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